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Sisters are Amazing ! Especially mine ! To celebrate her recent birthday, I’ve decided to design a t-shirt in appreciation of her unconditional Love for me. This is something that she can wear out and be proud that someone believes that she is the World’s Best Sister ! I love you sis 🙂 Buy yours […]


The idea of coming up with this design came to me when I was watching a series of Wonder Woman fight scenes on Youtube with my partner, who so happen to be a die heart Wonder Woman fan. Due to his unhealthy obsession with Wonder Woman, I decided to design a T-shirt for him with […]

Need a custom design ?

Welcome and Thank You for visiting my store ! The store is full of my own creations and inspirations from daily activities and I can understand if you are looking for something a bit special … so can I custom design something for you ? The answer is Yes ! Drop me an email at […]


The feeling of finally owning a house of your own is Amazing! It is an amazing feeling one would never forget. I came up with a design for this because I had a friend who had been renting a room with her partner and I knew the struggles she faced with the home owner. Trust […]


Whats does #myJump means ? It is the epitome of what I am undergoing at the moment. Working in a corporate industry from 9am to 5pm has dulled my creativity. I am now at the crossroads between what I have been doing and what I am wanting to achieve. This is my leap of faith […]